AMA Toronto introduces a new weekly Leadership Video series called The Empowered Marketer

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The American Marketing Association (AMA) Toronto recently unveiled a new brand positioning, which is all about helping our community to empower their leadership potential.

Over the years, assembled an incredible portfolio of programs.  It includes Canada’s Marketing Hall of Legends and the Legendary Leadership event series, which provide aspirational marketers access to inspirational leaders.

Our CMO and Agency panels also attract the country’s most accomplished CMOs and agency leaders to share the best practices that have given them a leading edge in the marketplace.

The mentorship portfolio we have built includes the Career Accelerator program for 24 to 30-year-olds; the Mentor Exchange program for mid- to senior-level individuals; and the new Executive Coaching program designed for those on the cusp of taking on a CMO-level role.

The defining ingredient across all our programming is that it ties to leadership. Whether we are inspiring future leaders or attracting aspiring ones, we wanted to create even more access to this incredible leadership community by creating “The Empowered Marketer” video series.

AMA Toronto’s Craig Lund, VP of Mentorship, sits down with business leaders and marketing executives to learn about their careers, leadership development, and other helpful lessons that they’ve gathered over the course of their career journey. He will be interviewing the most accomplished leaders across North America. Unlike all of the Zoom call interviews that litter the pages of LinkedIn, the program features in-person interviews, which we feel is a much more casual, relaxed, and intimate vibe that pulls out the real moments that shaped the leadership styles of our guests.

Episode 1 of “The Empowered Marketer” series will be dropping November 24th on the AMA Toronto’s YouTube channel, and the audio can be streamed on Spotify, Amazon Music, and IHeartradio

Don’t miss an episode – be sure to subscribe on YouTube or on your favourite podcast platform! 

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