You can join us! AMA Toronto provides many ways for you to connect with a world of marketing experts.

What it Means to be a Volunteer​

AMA Toronto volunteers have impact on our chapter, the business community, and on each other. Whether you’re a student, new to the Canadian workforce or an experienced business leader, AMA Toronto can boost your leadership potential and industry profile with hands-on volunteer experience. Our more than 90 volunteers help us run an inclusive, empowering and inspiring professional community.

Join one of our many volunteer business teams who run our chapter. Participate in interesting and high impact projects that can make a difference to your career and the marketing community. Create meaningful relationships with passionate and influential marketers. Gain access to the many Canadian and international learning and growth opportunities offered by the world’s largest marketing association and our local chapter.

Meet Our Volunteers

Our more than 90 volunteers help us run an inclusive, empowering and inspiring professional community. Take a look at some of our amazing volunteers.

Picture of volunteer Olga Pigeon


“Volunteering for AMA Toronto has been an incredibly rewarding experience. It’s provided me with opportunities to explore how marketing plays a role in a variety of very different industries, from non-profits to agencies to B2B. It’s also allowed me to expand my network and work alongside some phenomenal individuals, who bring an incredible wealth of experience to the table. From seasoned professionals to marketing students, each has enriched my volunteering experience with their contributions, ideas, and new approaches. The AMA has also provided me the chance to step-up in a leadership role as Director of Membership Networking Group (MNG) events. I am excited to continue my personal and professional growth as part of the organization.”


“I moved to Canada during the pandemic and joined AMA as Manager of Membership Group Buys in 2021. My AMA experience has helped during these challenging times. I’ve started rebuilding my professional network and career, developed new business skills, and adapted to a new culture. My volunteer role has provided me with opportunities to have impact and be recognized. I was promoted to Director for my work in improving the member journey, creating visual onboarding guides, and improving monthly reporting. AMA events and mentorship programs have also helped me build my professional and personal network. Two words describe my AMA experience “fulfilling and meaningful.” I enjoy volunteering and giving back to the community that has helped me.”


“Being a part of AMA has been tremendously rewarding as a newcomer to Canada. I joined AMA over 2 years ago as a Director, AMA International, and over this time I have worked with amazing people who are dedicated to learning and growing together. Through my work with the Chapter Excellence Awards, I have also come to know that this is one of the best run chapters of AMA in the world. (The Silver Award we won last year is a testament to that.) Even amidst the pandemic, and work-from-home realities, AMA has kept us connected with a community of younger and experienced marketers alike. There truly is no place like AMA Toronto.

Volunteer Benefits

AMA Toronto volunteers all are members of AMA international and have preferred access to the local Toronto and international AMA communities and programs that can help you accelerate your career. Our volunteers benefit include:

discounted fees

Discounted AMA international membership fees


Free or discounted access to AMA international chapter and AMA Support Centre events, webinars, conferences, publications, tools and more

mentoring programs

Discounted access to AMA Toronto mentoring programs


Free or discounted access to AMA Toronto events


Access to all additional AMA Toronto membership benefits including local partner benefits and discounts

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Have a look at the position posted here. If you’d like to learn more, please send me an email at: debbie.bolton@ama-toronto.com

IMPORTANT: To volunteer, you must be a current member of AMA Toronto. If you aren’t already a member, 


PR Director, Media Relations

Are you an entrepreneurial, strategic and experienced PR professional who has a history of building brands? AMA is looking for a volunteer with at least 5 years of public relations and media relations experience to join AMA Toronto’s volunteer team.

Event Director

Are you an organized and detail-oriented business professional with at least 3 years marketing experience? Do you juggle priorities successfully and have the flexibility, bandwidth and commitment to promote our membership acquisition efforts and participate in AMA Toronto’s programs?

Social Media Manager

Do you stay on top of the trends in the marketing/digital space? Are you familiar with a variety of social channels and able to produce relevant and compelling social content that gets attention? Do you want to work with a fun but professional team to organize and drive outstanding results efficiently and on-time?

Manager, content

Are you able to generate and organize compelling content? Can you break through message clutter with communications that draw attention and drive action? AMA Toronto is looking for an experienced content manager who would like to volunteer those skills to help AMA promote its organization, events and programs through our monthly eNewsletter.

Event Co-ordinator

Would you like to participate in activation of learning and networking events for Toronto’s marketing community? Are you a good at managing the details within a larger picture and helping to keep your team on track?

Event managers

Are you an experienced and reliable business professional who knows how to bring the vision of an event to life? Can you be creative while staying within a budget? Are you a good written and verbal communicator with strong organizational skills? Can you deliver effectively and efficiently on time and under pressure?

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