Executive Coaching

“Those things that you avoid confronting, but are necessary to be made aware of to reach your goals…My coach really pushed me to get out of my comfort zone” 

– Ariel Levinson

Accelerate Your Performance and Leadership Capabilities with a Certified Executive Coach 

 All our coaches have extensive careers as marketing & advertising executives

What is Executive Coaching?

Take charge of your career with a Certified Executive Coach. AMA offers an intensive professional development program for senior marketers focused on improving performance.

A Certified Executive Coach is a qualified professional that works with you to help gain awareness, clarify goals, achieve their objectives, unlock potential and act as a sounding board. They will ask relevant probing questions to help you gain insight into your attitudes and behaviors, and design actions that will help you achieve your goals.



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Meet the Certified Executive Coaches


Who are you?

If so, AMA’s Executive Coaching Program might be right for you. 

A Certified Executive Coach can help you move from being a doer to a leader. Having a coach can help you become an inspirational problem solver and respected leader. They can discuss subjects, challenge ideas and collaborate to find solutions.


This program is an intensive offering designed to focus on performance. The ideal candidate for Certified Executive Coaching is aspiring for a senior marketing position in their organization in the near future. They are goal-oriented and want to maximize their potential in deepening their impact as a leader and have a desire to rapidly advance their career. 

You are: 

  • A senior marketer looking to improve your leadership presence
  • Focused on performance and moving ahead
  • Goal oriented and ready to launch the next phase in your career
  • Looking for direction to accelerate your career 
If this doesn’t quite sound like you, Mentor Exchange might be more aligned with your goals.

Program Testimonials

Program Details

  • 6-month program – Program launches in November, but potential Coachees can engage AMA at any point going forward to find a coach & start their 6 months.
  • You will work with your Certified Executive Coach to determine the cadence and frequency of your meetings based on your objectives.
  • For pricing information and for a 1:1 consultation, click “Find out More” below

Is Coaching Right for You?


Certified Executive Coaches encourage clients’ self discovery, elicit client generated solutions and strategy and hold the client responsible and accountable. Coaches expect that you’re going to put in the work to advance yourself forward and they are there to support you.


A Certified Executive Coach focuses on the whole person, encouraging you to explore your thoughts, feelings, values, needs, wants, beliefs and behaviors.


It’s a co-creative, equal partnership, where the coach is helping the client discuss their own answers. The responsibility of a Certified Executive Coach is to discover, clarify and align with what the client wants to achieve – not what the coach wants to achieve – during the term of their engagement. 


Executive Coaching invites you to really think about your own thinking, it’s a time that you get to just think about you and have someone there to support you as a sounding board, and as a partner. 

The time spent with the client and the coach is 100% Confidential. Certified Executive Coaching is defined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as partnering with clients in a thought provoking and creative process that requires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. 

Why AMA Executive Coaching?

  • 1:1 coaching
  • Executive Coaches have completed intensive training in an executive coaching program recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and have completed at least 125 hours of training 
  • Executive Coaches are Seasoned executives, across different disciplines including marketing, advertising and consulting 
  • Most of our Executive Coaches are Alumnus from the Mentor Exchange program

Executive Coaching Benefits

  • A powerful program that provides direction needed to accelerate your career (Many graduates of the coaching program go on to become CMOs & Agency Leaders)
  • Improved leadership presence and confidence 
  • Evolve from a doer to a leader
  • Unbiased professional development support to reach your goals 

AMA Perks

  • AMA membership included in price of coaching 
  • All access pass for 12 months to any of AMA Toronto’s events, including the Canada’s Marketing Hall of Legends Gala
  • Access to many free or discounted webinars, training and professional development events with your membership as well as AMA’s suite of Academic Journals.
  • A network of professionals dedicated to helping you grow.

What Executive Coaching is NOT

A way to “fix” your challenge areas

Coaching is an investment in your growth and your future, focused on growth and development and reaching goals. It’s all about you against the goals that you have set. 


While the focus is on both personal and professional development, this program differs from life coaching or psychological therapy. 

A Battle of Age or Seniority

This is a very equal partnership – the coach doesn’t necessarily need to be older. A coach is rather someone who has received dedicated hours of training for this specific purpose. 


While the difference may be confusing, a coach differs from a mentor where they stand with you and help you identify the challenges and work with you to turn those into victories that will move you forward toward your goals. They are not there to tell you what to do – it’s about asking questions in a partnership, and believing that you as a client are completely capable.

If you’re looking for a mentor, please check out our Mentor Exchange Program.

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