Reputation Matters

Why Branding & PR is not enough !

An organization’s reputation is a critically important part of attracting customers, great talent and suppliers whilst having political credibility. In this current world of unfettered social media access, organizations – private, public and not-for-profit – are more vulnerable to attacks, both legitimate and illegitimate. And yet, many remain ill prepared for how to manage these types of crises.

Traditionally, organizational reputation has fallen under the purview of legal advisors, brand and public relations. While these professionals remain necessities, they are no longer adequate to wholly manage an organization’s reputation. Organizations now require clear ethical standards and practices to manage their reputation, and its why the practice area of Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) has become a rapidly growing discussion among the C-Suite.

This book discusses the five major vulnerabilities organizations face providing cases for navigating a path that improves business outcomes. By moving away from relying solely on compliance and positive statements in brand and public relations, to also implementing improved ethics and values in an organization’s behaviour will set the stage for a resilient business that can flourish in the 21st century.

“Amazing resource for those who wish to keep their finger on the pulse of not only today’s key marketing issues, but those forecasted to plague us in the future. Alan is the ultimate communicator, both in branding and teaching, and we are so fortunate to benefit from his experience. ”

Brenda Pritchard, Partner, Advertising, Marketing and Regulatory Affairs Practice at Gowling WLG and Canada’s Marketing Hall of Legends inductee

“Alan Middleton has a keen understanding of brands and the value based culture that are necessary to develop great people and products.”

Les Mandelbaum, President, UMBRA, and Canada’s Marketing Hall of Legends Inductee

“This is a most complete treatment of reputation management. Unlike others who take a one size fits all approach, Alan explicitly recognizes the different kinds of threats to reputation, the resultant need for a multidisciplinary toolbox and a diverse set of metrics including financial impact. He makes a strong case for responsibility to sit at the highest levels of management and provides mechanisms for weaving it into every aspect of the organization's operation. Whether you are in brand management, investor relations, supply chain or Human Resources, Alan provides a clear manifesto on how leaders build and preserve a rock solid reputation. ”

Ken Wong, Distinguished Professor of Marketing and Business Strategy, Queen’s University and Canada’s Marketing Hall of Legends Inductee

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