Mentorship Matters -

Now More than Ever!


This is not only true (as AMA members know so well), but it is also the title of the new book written by Alan Middleton PhD. Alan is a long term member of the Mentor Exchange Advisory Council, a mentor, and well known member of the Schulich School of Business faculty.

Mentorship Matters provides an updated guide to effective mentorship practices and relationships. The book reviews the history and research about what makes effective mentorship for both mentors and mentees, while lists a number of how to’s for improved mentorship practice.

The book covers ten cases of effective mentorship practices from the viewpoint of mentors, mentees and organizations and their mentorship programs. It reviews the latest forms of mentorship practices and makes the case for this process as becoming a critical management skill in the post-pandemic world: the world of flattened organization hierarchies, blends of work at home and at workplace and the need for greater employee engagement leading to more innovation and improved customer relations.

Mentorship Matters is now available on Amazon!

Check out Alan’s article in the Toronto Star!


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