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Behind the Scenes with AMA Volunteers

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AMA Toronto volunteers are being recognized on both on the Canadian and international stage.

Build your leadership potential as a part of our volunteer team

Are you an enthusiastic marketer who’s interested in meeting great people, gaining leadership experience and raising your profile in the marketing community? We’re looking for:
• PR pros
• Writers and content managers
• Graphic designers
• Event managers
• Business development professionals
• And more…

Please check out our job postings at https://ama-toronto.com/community/volunteer/ or contact me at [email protected]

Behind the Scenes: AMA Toronto On Stage!

So much is always happening with AMA volunteers behind the scenes but in the last 2 weeks of April we were on stage in a major way. AMA Toronto’s LinkedIn feed was buzzing.

AMA International Leadership Summit: April 22 to April 24

Leadership Summit is AMA’s version of the Oscars and AMA Toronto were big winners internationally! On the gala stage, Incoming President Barbara Boyd, accompanied by Santo Ligotti, Craig Lund and Chris Stathousis who accepted our Silver Chapter Excellence Award and our DEI Recognition Award. Craig Lund also accepted his Volunteer of the Year Award.

Picture of Craig Lund

AMA Toronto was an integral part of Summit this year. Chris Stathousis was on the Summit organizing team and Barb Boyd and Santo Ligotti participated as our incoming President and President-Elect. Craig Lund VP Mentorship and Miglena Nikolova Past-President were break-out session leaders. Tina Portillo, Jessica Zuckier and Debbie Bolton also shared some of our best practices with other chapters and gained tips back via Zoom.

AMA Toronto Volunteer Week Activities: April 24 to April 30

AMA Toronto celebrated National Volunteer Week with a public “gratitude” campaign on LinkedIn where 16 volunteers created their own videos publicly thanking AMA Toronto’s volunteer community.

Flavia Barbosa, Maithili Khansaheb and Shreya Parashar compiled 19 volunteer “thank you” videos into 4 different videos for LinkedIn posting. Thank you to our Marcom team but also our 15 Toronto do-it-yourself video stars: Barb Boyd, Miglena Nikolova, Jacob Kessler, Tina Portillo, Wendy Greenwood, Julia Shisgal, Karen Garcia, Olga Pigeon, Arash Singh, Luv Nagpal, Aviva Groll, Craig Lund, Debbie Bolton, Flavia Barbosa, Maithili Khansaheb and AMA international luminary, Ric Sweeney, who joined us to congratulate Craig on winning the Ric Sweeney Volunteer of the Year Award!

Why Volunteer?

I love listening to and learning from our volunteers. And what volunteers seem to value most from our experiences came through in the Volunteer Week videos. It’s clear we value our relationship with specific people but also our larger AMA community which includes our teams, our leadership, as well as our advisors, mentors and legends. Our volunteer roles are also an opportunity to learn and practise our skills but also to develop our leadership potential, have impact and give back to the marketing community. If you’re wondering about volunteering, consider that giving back can be a very personally rewarding experience.

April Rockstars

Every month I’m pleased to announce our latest group of volunteers who lead us forward as a chapter. Sometimes their achievements are behind the scenes but their achievements go above and beyond and deserve to be shared. Here’s a shout-out to our April stars: Kat, Katelin and Slavena. Thank you!

A graphic with the pictures and names of the Rockstars

Kat Kostic: Director Content

Kat began volunteering with our Marcom team as a Content Manager more than two years ago and was promoted to Director in December 2020. Each month, Kat proactively contacts each Portfolio and diligently publishes our Digest eNewsletter. Thanks to Kat’s contributions, our communications remain relevant and are responsive to our community.

Kat is an Advisor, Public Education and Marketing at Ontario Health and has a B.A. from Ryerson University, and a Graduate Certificate in Corporate Communications and PR from Centennial College.

Katelin Richards: Coordinator Events

Katelin is an extremely responsive, reliable and valuable member of the Event’s team. She goes above and beyond to contribute ideas and ensure that each of the events she works on is executed seamlessly. Her recent contributions to our Legendary Leadership event in April ensured that the AMA community enjoyed a wonderful and interactive evening with 3 of our Canada’s Marketing Hall of Legends, Bryan Pearson, Rem Langan and Sharifa Khan.

Katelin is an Administrative Assistant at Nickel Wealth Management of RBC Dominion Securities. She has a background in arts and theater with a Bachelor of Art from University of Ottawa and an Advanced Diploma in Theatre Performance from Humber College.

Slavena Kiryakova: Director Strategy and Insights

Slavena is an integral member of our Strategy and Insights team. She took an important leadership role in rebuilding our chapter’s performance dashboard from the ground up and has been extremely effective and efficient running this project.

Slavena is the Marketing Director for ACCEO Solutions. She has a Bachelor of Engineering, a Master’s in Public Administration and a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia with a Major in Marketing and a Minor in Data Intelligence.

If you’re interested in learning more about our talented volunteer community and opportunities, please contact me at [email protected]

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