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Read about the many volunteers who have shown and grown their leadership potential running AMA Toronto during our fiscal year ending June 30, 2022.

Are you an enthusiastic marketer who’s interested in meeting great people, gaining leadership experience and raising your profile in the marketing community? Build your leadership skills as a part of our volunteer team. We’re looking for:
• PR pros
• Experienced content writers and content managers
• Event directors and managers
• Project managers
• And more…

Please check out our job postings at or contact me at [email protected]

Behind the Scenes: A Strong Finish to Our Fiscal Year

AMA Toronto’s fiscal year ended with a bang on June 30. Thanks to now former President Tina Portillo and more than 100 volunteers, (present and past) we had another AMAzing year of awards, events, mentorship and more. And we ended our year with 3 outstanding in-person events! Our in-person Canada’s Marketing Hall of Legends gala, CMO panel and our Member Networking Group pub event brought hundreds of members of our community together for the first time since March 2020.

AMA is definitely on a positive trajectory thanks to strong leadership. Tina passionately elevated our chapter after taking over from powerhouse President Miglena Nikolova. Now the reins have been handed over to the very capable Barbara Boyd who been assisting and leading on many fronts this past year. We’ve been very fortunate with our chapter leadership. They have helped us achieve more and attain a higher profile both in the Canadian and US markets. Every year we reach further and provide more to the Canadian marketing community and beyond. Thank you!

But our success also depended on the energy created by the many VPs and team volunteers who stepped up in the last year to provide the AMA experience for our community. Each month we celebrate the recent achievements of our Rockstars. However, those awards are often just the tip of the volunteer iceberg. We’d like to thank the many volunteers who have contributed to our success in the past year.

Our thanks to each and every one of you!






Advisory Council External Members: Arthur Fleischmann (co-chair), David Kincaid (past co-chair), Alan Middleton, Chantal Butler, David Pullara, Eric Tang, Fatima Israel, Gallant Law, Maclin Williams (past), Matt McKenzie, Trinh Tham, Yasmin Pallan,

Board Executive: President: Tina Portillo, President-Elect: Barbara Boyd, Past President/ Business Development Lead: Miglena Nikolova, VP Finance: Matt Chong, VP Mentorship/Secretary: Craig Lund, VP Volunteers: Debbie Bolton, Incoming President-Elect: Santo Ligotti

Business Development/Partnership/Sponsorship: VP Miglena Nikolova, VP Steve Simkus: Amanda Song, Ankit Raj Awasthi, Dean MacNeil, Esther Wang Yu, Kate Nesterova, Kazi Arif Zaman, Muhammad Butt, Ramy Sourial, Shweta Sehjpal, Taslim Ahmed Pavel, Yushika Alles

Canada’s Marketing Hall of Legends: VP Jacob Kessler: Adriano Ueda, Luv Nagpal, Noha Diab, Sanchi Datt, Taylor Marsh

Digital: VP Christy Varicat, VP Vincent Mok: Astrid Monge, Claudia Mayta, Ikram Nagdawala, Laura Osorio, Michelle Fernandes, Michelle Hung, Mihir Naik, Praveen Cherian, Rafael Tercarolli, Shauna Lichtblau

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: VP Christine Andrew: Naomi Hamersley

Events: VP Malaika Palmer: Hadijah Creary, Jaicy Huang, Jaskaran Sawhney, Jessica Waslenko, Katelin Richards, Meerah Jayakumar, Olga Pigeon, Sanaz Koosha, Sayuri Tanaka, Shalini Jerath, Shrija Srivastava, Ahmed Haq, Vishal Tendulkar

Executive Comms: Meaghan Clark

Finance: VP Matt Chong

International: VP Christopher Stathousis: Arash Singh, Rahul Saha

Marcom: VP Santo Ligotti, VP Wendy Greenwood, Incoming VP Jessica Zuckier: Akshay Ahluwalia, Akshay SR, Alisha Hobson, Andi Tjahjarijadi, Darshanie Mahadeo, Derrick Simpson, Harleen Brar, Igor Purwin, Karen Garcia, Kerry-Ann Castro, Jeffrey Powell, Jelin Philip, Mehrdad Mehrabi, Noha Diab, Owais Qureshi, Sanchi Datt, Shreya Parashar, Sonika Kamra, Venus al-Zouhouri, Thomas Xavier, Wayne Nguyen, Zhanbo Liu

Membership: VP Oscar Rank: Faizan Shujaat, Gunank Raj, Jason Hui, Karen Garcia, Kerry-Ann Castro, Moasser Ahmed, Minh Tran, Prabneet Bhambri, Rodrigo Teixeira, Shreya Gupta, Tarik El Assal

Mentorship: VP Craig Lund: Arprit Bhutani, Jagriti Malhotra, Lindsay Tohana, Maggie Bolt, Victoria Bomben. AND the approximately 90 volunteer mentors in our Mentor Exchange and Career Accelerator programs.

Public Relations: VP Rob MacLean: Elvina Bulatova, Tamara Dinelle,

Strategy and Insights: VP Darko Rakin: Julia Shisgal, Margaret So, Slavena Kiryakova

Volunteers: VP Debbie Bolton: Akhil Tharaney, Aviva Groll, Flavia Barbosa, Jermaine Wellington, Kristen Randall, Maithili Khansaheb, Pooja Rane



A graphic describing the 3 Rockstars for the month of June


June Rockstars

Every month I’m pleased to announce our latest group of Rockstars. We’re so fortunate to have so many talented volunteers who go above and beyond. Congratulations this month to Adriano, Luv and Sanchi who helped make our Canada’s Marketing Hall of Legends (CMHOL) program and events a success!

Adriano Ueda: Director Program Operations CMHOL

Adriano joined the CMHOL team in March and immediately jumped in to help with 2 major events: our April Legendary Leadership Series event and the CMHOL gala in May. He’s a very capable, proactive and enthusiastic volunteer that has already made a difference to the CMHOL team and AMA Toronto.

Adriano has more than 13 years experience in B2B, Martech, lead generation and online campaigns at BASF and Deloitte. He moved to Canada from Brasil in 2021 and is Global Senior Manager in Digital Marketing and Sales at BASF.

Luv Nagpal: Manager CMHOL

Luv joined the CMHOL team in January. He helped research and organize the legends nominees and judging for 2022, updated the website, and helped with the April Legendary Leadership Series event and our CMHOL gala in May. His enthusiasm, initiative and dependable results have been made a valuable contribution to the CMHOL team.

Luv is a Digital Media Strategist at Excellence Canada and Language Links with over 6 years of experience developing multi-channel communications and campaigns. He has an MBA in Marketing Management, a specialization in Digital Media Marketing from George Brown and a Bachelor of Technology, Mechanical and Automation.

Sanchi Datt: Program Account Manager CMHOL

Sanchi joined AMA Toronto in March and has made her mark. In her role, she manages communications for the Canada’s Marketing Hall of Legends team. She has provided invaluable assistance in supporting the April Legendary Leadership Series event and the CMHOL gala in May. She’s dedicated and went above and beyond to deliver presentation materials for the CMHOL gala.

Sanchi has 6 years experience in marketing activation, planning and market research with a focus on the healthcare industry. She has a MBA and Masters in Biotechnology and recently started her post MBA journey within the telecom industry.

If you’re interested in learning more about our talented volunteer community and opportunities, please contact me at [email protected]


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