Behind the Scenes with AMA Volunteers by Debbie Bolton

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National Volunteer Week is April 18-24

This year’s theme is: The Value of One. The Power of Many. This theme certainly applies to the more than 190 AMA Toronto volunteers who add value to AMA Toronto and the marketing community in so many ways. Whether they’re managing our email database, organizing this newsletter, mentoring an ambitious young professional or providing objective advice to our Board, their contributions are invaluable and help us serve our community. THANK YOU!

Meet our March Rockstars

Our March Rockstars deserve major applause. Each has exhibited great leadership within their teams and major accomplishments on important projects. Thank you for your contributions Michelle, Steve and Taylor!

Michelle Fernandes Director UX

Michelle joined the Digital Team in December, after completing her UX Design Certificate at George Brown. She immediately dove in to redesign our website and combine 3 sites into one! Michelle has worked with Christy Varicat (Digital Marketing), other digital team members and site owners to determine requirements. She led user testing and completed a detailed Information Architecture based on stakeholder input. Michelle’s work is essential to our future web experience!

Steve Simkus VP Partnership and Sponsorship, formerly Director Executive Communications

Steve joined the AMA team a year ago. Until recently, he assisted the President with communications. This role also included recommending and implementing an innovative way of managing the Board agenda which resulted in greater operational efficiencies. On March 1 he was promoted to VP Partnership/Sponsorship, running the important team that recruits and manages the many partners who support AMA Toronto’s activities. He’s already proven himself as a great proposal writer and project manager!

Taylor Marsh Director of Canada’s Marketing Hall of Legends

Taylor is a behind-the-scenes leader, working closely with Jacob Kessler (CMHOL) to support the team’s operations and recently the CMHOL team’s nomination and selection process for 2021 CMHOL inductees. She gathered information on Canadian leaders, coordinated outreach, promoted nominations and developed candidate information packages for the selection jury. Impressive work Taylor!

If you’d like to learn more about our volunteer community and opportunities, please contact me at [email protected]

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Canada’s Marketing Hall of Legends (CMHOL), one of Canada’s most respected and renowned industry awards, is now accepting nominations for 2022. Run by the American Marketing Association’s Toronto chapter (AMA Toronto), CMHOL is renewing its focus on better reflecting the mosaic of talent in Canadian marketing and expanding its Legends brand programming.