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Build your leadership potential as a part of our volunteer team 

We’re looking for:

  • Graphic designers
  • Communications account managers
  • PR pros
  • Loyalty marketers
  • Website and Word Press experts
  • Program Operations Managers
  • Sales professionals
  • And more… 

If you’re interested in meeting great people, boosting your resume and raising your profile in the marketing community, please check out our job postings on our Volunteer page or contact me at [email protected]


Behind the Scenes: Great Volunteer Opportunities for 2022

President Tina Portillo and President-Elect Barb Boyd, kicked off 2022 with a Board planning session to confirm our chapter priorities for the remainder of the year. We focused on our needs to deliver value for our community and to continue our operating momentum as an award-winning chapter. To do this, many of our teams need additional volunteers. If you are an ambitious marketer willing to invest your talents and some time in opportunities to build your leadership potential, here’s what you can achieve as an AMA Toronto volunteer in 2022. 

  • Develop your existing skills or explore new opportunities
  • Build an influential and diverse Canadian business network that includes peers and inspiring leaders from a broad cross-section of the business community
  • Amplify your career story with hands-on, relevant experience
  • Grow professionally and personally through learning and leadership experience
  • Build your profile in the business community 
  • Add an internationally recognized AMA credential to your resume
  • Capitalize on free or discounted access to AMA Toronto programs such as our 2 mentoring programs, Career Centre and learning and networking events, as well as the many resources and benefits of AMA international 


Our 85 plus volunteers offer a broad range of talents to more than 10 teams such as Marcom, Membership, Mentorship, International, PR, Digital Marketing and more. Our volunteer community welcomes diverse marketers at all stages of their careers, from graduating students to senior executives. Many Canadian newcomers use their volunteer work to help restart their careers in Canada. 

In the last year, our volunteers have had high-impact opportunities that included a record number of PR initiatives, developing and launching a new website, launching a member networking platform and our new Career Centre, hosting learning and networking events, and running a very successful virtual awards program and gala celebrating Canadian marketing legends. Some of our volunteers have created and starred in AMA videos and podcasts. And volunteers learned the ropes of publishing with Alan Middleton’s book on mentorship “Mentorship Matters: Now More Than Ever” available on Amazon. 


January 2022 Rockstars

Our Rockstars program celebrates the contributions of our many outstanding volunteers who help operate our chapter and support our community. Thanks to our January Rockstars Jeff, Olga and Vishal who help make a difference for our community. 


Jeffrey Powell: Podcast Producer 

Jeffrey rejoined AMA Toronto’s volunteer ranks in 2021 after a short hiatus. He was the mastermind of “The Empowered Marketer” podcast and worked with Board member Craig Lund to launch 5 inspiring interviews with leading marketers (available on YouTube). This podcast would not have been possible without Jeffrey’s leadership and efforts. He acted as producer, camera man and editor. The podcasts and shorter knowledge snippets have been viewed thousands of times and extended AMA Toronto’s ability to empower the leadership potential of our audience.

Jeffrey has more than 15 years marketing experience and is Manager Digital Marketing at Grant Thornton. 


Olga Pigeon: Director MNG Events 

Olga is a second time Rockstar recipient. Since joining AMA, she’s proven herself over and over as a highly organized, collaborative and agile program leader as she oversees AMA’s MNG monthly networking events. She’s works with the MNG and Events team and other volunteers to bring together great content and networking opportunities for the AMA community.

Olga has more than 16 years marketing experience. She is currently the Marketing and Convenience Retail Director for Greenergy. 


Vishal Tendulkar: Director of MNG Events

 Vishal joined AMA Toronto a year ago as a Director in the MNG Events group. Passionate, purposeful and focused, Vishal brings a wealth of marketing knowledge to his role, and has led a variety of successful monthly events. Vishal’s dedication shines through, whether he’s finding new partners, leading an event or brainstorming ways to make MNG events better for AMA members. 

Vishal is an award-winning Marketing Director, delivering business success to multi-sector tech start-ups across North America for Ideal Ventures. He has over 10 years experience in media, entertainment, advertising and technology sectors.



If you’re interested in learning more about our talented volunteer community and opportunities, please contact me at [email protected]


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