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The arrival of June, along with the promise of summer, is a reminder that my time as President of AMA Toronto is winding down. 

It has been a fast, eventful year, with all of our 2020-21 events and programs held virtually. As marketers, we often have to pivot quickly and lead our organizations through change, and I am proud of what we have accomplished and learned. 

Our chapter has worked hard to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to better reflect and support our membership and the community. I documented our progress in a recently published editorial in Strategy entitled Making sure the Marketing Hall of Legends is for everyone

An immigrant to Canada myself, I find it rewarding to see our partnership with ACCES Employment assist so many of our members and become a popular and successful way to help new Canadian marketers re-establish and re-launch their careers. 

AMA Toronto continued to empower leadership through our industry-leading Mentorship and Legendary Leadership programs. And we launched our first strategic partnership with the Canadian Marketing Association to champion the mentoring and development of young marketers.   

The past year has also shown that being a part of a large international organization has never been more relevant. With over 70 chapters across North America, the AMA proved powerful in the ability to support us in delivering insightful programming and content, with access to high-profile speakers and a network of thousands to learn from and work with. We also embraced the calling to serve as a gateway for Canadian companies wanting to grow in the US market and beyond. 

As we begin to see a glimmer of post-pandemic opening and some return to normalcy, we look forward to our flagship CMO panel coming up on June 9th and welcoming an incredible slate of cross-industry senior leaders to discuss the CMO’s role in emergence and regrowth post-pandemic. And later this month, at our Marketing Networking Group, we will have a discussion on DEI: A launchpad for Innovation.

This past year has impressed on me how volunteering allows you to connect to your community and make it a better place. My experience at AMA Toronto has shown me the diverse talent and collective power of our volunteer community. 

Handing over leadership to our incoming President Tina Portillo, I am very proud of our team and grateful to all of you who continue to shape our essential and inclusive community of marketers. 

Thank you again for the privilege to serve as your President. I have made life-long connections and friends here, and have grown as a leader more than I could have imagined. As I look to the future, I cherish the impact we are making. I am excited about our mission and confident about the journey ahead.

Onwards and upwards,


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