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AMA Toronto calls on marketers and marketing organizations across Canada to participate in National Mentoring Month to encourage the awareness and promotion of mentoring as a way for organizations to enable individuals to strengthen their careers, personal lives, and empower their leadership potential.

Our association strongly believes “mentorship matters, now more than ever” in marketing and that National Mentoring Month should be celebrated in Canada and throughout our industry as a meaningful, necessary reminder about the value and benefits of mentorship.

National Mentoring Month is a time for individual marketing professionals to explore how mentoring programs can add to their knowledge of their discipline, industry sector or organization; expand their network, and provide greater job satisfaction and career opportunities.

Marketing agencies and organizations can leverage the power of mentorship to improve their leadership and talent pipeline, lower staff turn-over, enhance communications, advance DEI, and enable knowledge transfer from a retiring workforce.

Mentoring Programming for Marketers

And we’re proud to do our part. Since 2008, AMA Toronto’s mentoring programs have been helping the marketing sector become stronger by driving impactful relationships that provide support networks; connect industry professionals and facilitate the exchange of industry knowledge and career advice.

Our programs are designed for both individuals and employers seeking to develop the leadership potential for themselves or their teams. From junior professionals to senior executives, our Leadership Excellence suite offers development programs for each step in your career. Lean more about our unique structured mentoring system and how our Career Accelerator, Mentor Exchange, and Executive Coaching programming can enrich your professional and personal journey and empower your leadership potential.

Mentorship Matters, Now More Than Ever!

To help celebrate National Mentoring Month last year, AMA Toronto also published a new book by Marketing Legend Alan C. Middleton about how mentoring is an increasingly essential skill for marketing executives and managers in the post-pandemic workplace. Mentorship Matters: Now More than Ever! delivers a timely look at how mentorship programs are now critical for career and organizational success in Canada and around the world. Middleton’s seminal book about mentoring is available in paperback and as a Kindle Book on

Celebrating Mentee and Mentor Stories

During National Mentoring Month mentees and mentors everywhere have cause to reflect on the importance of mentoring and share their experiences. Our AMA Toronto LinkedIn feed and blog this month will feature stories from marketers, some of them new Canadians, who have benefited from our mentorship programming.

Mentoring & DEI

As our industry tries to advance diversity and inclusion in Canada, National Mentoring Month should remind us that mentoring today is proven to foster progressive change in people and organizations. Inside and outside of marketing, mentoring can help with diversity and inclusion, particularly with immigrant and Indigenous groups.

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come

Within Canada’s marketing sector and across businesses, mentorship has emerged as an essential management skill at all levels. Moreover, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, with the fusion of office and at-home work there is a well-defined need for mentorship to humanize work relationships, workplace culture and work-life balance, more than ever before.

This is why AMA Toronto is stepping up to recognize National Mentoring Month within our industry and is calling upon marketers across the country to celebrate, elevate, and encourage mentoring to drive meaningful, positive outcomes for marketers/employees and businesses.

 By Robert MacLean. Robert presently serves on the board of directors at the American Marketing Association’s Toronto chapter as VP, Public Relations. He is an independent PR & corporate communication consultant who specializes in corporate reputation management.

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