Nancy Marcus

Nancy Marcus is one of Canada’s most recognized marketing professionals in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. Her keen strategic insights and superior, bold marketing innovations have made her an award-winning influencer for more than 40 years.   She has had tremendous impact on how company’s market their products in the CPG industry working collaboratively and cross functionally within the organization.  

Nancy has been a trailblazer since the start of her marketing career at leading companies including Phillip Morris and RJR MacDonald as one of the few female VP’s to have a seat at the executive level. In her last role as  Chief Marketing Officer at Kruger Products she was the only female on the KPLP Management Team for more than a decade, Nancy has successfully contributed to the changing CPG landscape by redefining how companies embrace marketing to deliver bottom line profitability.  

Her keen insights and intuition position her as a “change agent” by demonstrating how brands can talk to a consumer from a women’s perspective with intelligence and respect.  By applying this strategy, she has gained prominence as a brave marketing pioneer by developing breakthrough marketing and trade strategies within the dynamic grocery environment and her credible longevity has contributed to the success of KPLP as Canada’s brand powerhouse and market leader in the consumer tissue industry.    

Since the beginning of her career, Nancy has helped to redefine the role of women in the industry.  In each of her roles at various companies, Nancy has demonstrated that women can overcome obstacles, accelerate business growth and reach their personal aspirations. Her passionate entrepreneurial spirit, combined with her commitment to leading a balanced lifestyle and raising a family, is inspirational and demonstrates Nancy’s exemplary hard work and dedication to overcoming hurdles and reaching her goals.

A recipient of the 2014 Top 100 Most Powerful Women Award and the Star Women in Grocery 2014 Award, Nancy has been an active and dedicated participant in the industry and community, particularly those focused on the advancement of women in the workplace and nurturing and mentoring countless young professionals, providing valuable insights on how to flourish in the CPG industry.  She is a member of the WXN Wisdom Top 100 Mentoring program and has trained and mentored many young professionals, providing valuable insight on how to navigate, grow and succeed in the CPG and marketing industry.