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Ah, December. For many, it’s a frenzied month of wrapping presents and preparing for the holidays. It’s also a time to wrap up and look back at the month (or year, for that matter) and reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re going. I’m excited for what’s coming up for 2022. As President of AMA Toronto, it’s a time to celebrate all the hard work of our board, Advisory Council and volunteers. 


I’m extremely proud of our board and grateful for all they’ve done. All of the extra nights juggling self care, family commitments and work with volunteering is not lost on me or my fellow members. It’s why we’ve implemented the Going the Extra Mile recognition award for my board member team, acknowledging their dedication to their volunteering efforts and the value of what teams can accomplish together. It’s also why we recognize the Monthly AMA Rock Stars who also exemplify the volunteer excellence and caliber of talent on our AMA Toronto teams. -Gratitude to all.


Prestigious Insights


Earlier this month we held an amazing event, the AMA Agency Panel – The Post Pandemic Future: The People Revolution, Powered by Technology. What a great event!!!. Thank you to all those who attended and heard from our experts Lewise Hiltz from KPI Digital Solutions, Carina De Blois from Ogilvy New York, Sean Stanleigh from The Globe and Mail and Mo Dezyanian, MBA, CM from Empathy Inc. for their time and insight into the impact of the pandemic on both talent acquisition and retention and the norm for managing client relationships. Thank you to Eric Tang MBA from Porter Novelli for moderating and contributing to such a dynamic conversation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Empowering Leadership Potential with Chatter that Matters


 This month we also feature another Leadership Conversation with Tony Chapman, an AMA Toronto legend and host of Chatter that Matters about his leadership journey and our newest AMA Toronto endeavor, “Legend’s Journey – Lessons in Leadership”, a video content series he’s hosting featuring some of Canada’s marketing hall of legends. We are so grateful to Tony for helping us amplify the stories of some of the most renowned marketing legend inductees including Joe Mimran, Arlene Dickinson and Angus Reid. These legends, a wellspring of enlightenment, have turned our marketing hall into a hall of learning. Stay tuned for more as we release this content series in 2022. 


A Call for Nominations


Speaking of legends, our Canada’s Marketing Hall of Legends (CMHOL) nominations are now open until January 14. This call for nominations will inform our 2022 marketing legends who will be inducted and celebrated for their achievements and contributions to the marketing industry. Run by the American Marketing Association’s Toronto chapter (AMA Toronto), CMHOL is renewing its focus on better reflecting the mosaic of talent in Canadian marketing and expanding its Legends brand programming. Canada’s Marketing Hall of Legends honours the industry’s most outstanding visionaries, enablers, builders and mentors who’ve had tremendous impact on the field of marketing throughout their careers.  The Marketer-on-the-Rise award, a part of the Legends program, celebrates Canada’s top up-and-comers — the next generation of influential marketers. Nominate a legend or marketer on the rise in your network today – your boss, a colleague, a mentor, or someone you admire. 


 Find out more about this honor and how you can participate.


What’s Coming in 2022


January is National Mentorship Month and our own Craig Lund, Secretary and VP of Mentorship is busy putting together more prodigious events and programs. We can’t wait to hear from Craig and all of our mentors and mentees this next year so stay tuned for more information from this group. Save the date for our Mentorship MNG event on January 26th, 2022 featuring Alan Middleton, Author of Mentorship Matters. Don’t forget  – there are always opportunities with AMA Toronto’s mentorship programming to be both a mentee and a mentor, an outstanding opportunity to increase your skills and knowledge.


One of the most exciting events coming up is our Leadership MNG Event with Zach Mercurio – renowned author and Simon Sinek speaker along with leaders from  iconic Canadian Menswear brand Harry Rosen on February 23, 2022 where they will discuss authentic and purpose driven leadership, its importance, as well as the impact on brands and successful organizations. Save the date and join us – it’s an event not to miss! 


Lessons from Master Marketers and Celebrities


As always, I want to share what I’m reading/listening to and right now it’s a Masterclass on leadership, and all things Ryan Reynolds who just recently joined LinkedIn. If you’ve been anywhere on social media you’ll know about the quick and amazing ad response his team created for Peloton, post “And Just Like That” (reboot of “Sex and the City”) episode one. I won’t spoil it for you in case you haven’t watched or read about this creative advertising gem that is timely and able to play on the cultural landscape in real time – what a brilliant marketer!!!


Happy holidays to you and yours, and looking forward to hearing from you in 2022!




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