Behind the Scenes with AMA Volunteers: December 2023

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Behind the Scenes:

By<br>Debbie Bolton<br> VP Volunteers

Debbie Bolton
VP Volunteers

As 2023 winds down, we want to thank the many volunteers who have helped us make this calendar year a success. Our volunteer community consists of approximately 90 Board and Committee volunteers, 8 Advisory Council members and more than 70 mentors. That’s a phenomenal number of people who provide their time, talents and support for our organization. Many of these volunteers operate behind the scenes of our activities but their contributions are an important part of our success. Thank you! And happy holidays. We’ll see you in January.

November 29: A Great Kick-Off to the Holiday Season

On November 29th our Events team pulled off a first! VP Dawn Becker and AVP Shalini Jerath worked jointly to host both our Agency Panel and holiday MNG events in the same evening at the festively decorated Revival Bar. 

VP PR, Rob MacLean, and other AMA volunteers from the Events, Marcom, PR and Partnership teams steered the Agency Panel to another successful annual event. Great panelists shared relevant and interesting insights about everything from AI to the 4-day work week. 

After the wrap-up of the panel portion of the event, the doors were opened to our larger MNG community as well. It was both a thought-provoking and very fun evening. 

Photos courtesy of Yakov Radyushin.

December 5: Celebrating with the Advisory Council and Community

Each quarter, AMA Toronto’s Executive meet with our Advisory Council. On December 5, our meeting included a dinner at the University Club. After our business discussion, we gathered with a larger group consisting of other AMA Board members and some senior members of the AMA community. Thanks to Advisory Council member Miglena Nikolova and the team who helped organize this. 

Photos courtesy of David Pullara.

AMAzing Rockstars

AMA couldn’t survive let alone thrive without our volunteers. This month we’re celebrating the contributions of 3 outstanding Rockstars from 3 different teams: Brendan Waller Digital Marketing, Louise Taylor Volunteers and Zeel Gandhi PR. Thank you for everything you do!

Brendan Waller
Manager Digital Marketing

Brendan Waller is one of the newest team members on the Digital team and has knocked it out of the park in his short time with AMA Toronto. He’s been busy exploring web opportunities for the chapter and we can expect to see some significant changes to the AMA website in the near future.

Brendan is a long-term digital marketer and entrepreneur. He is the Founder of B2Better which provides marketing to B2B companies.

Louise Taylor
AVP Volunteer Team

Louise has been an amazing addition to the Volunteer team. She has stepped in as a very supportive leader and team member. Louise has helped develop the chapter’s first Volunteer Team Management Guide. She also helps support volunteer programming, recruitment and has participated in AMA events such as AMA’s Regional Retreat held in Toronto and volunteer-only events. As a certified leader of the Fascinate program, Louise has led the Volunteer team through a very useful assessment of individual strengths and how to leverage them in business and life and within a team.

Louise has 30 years of experience in marketing. She is currently the CEO of Firefly Effect where she provides brand and marketing strategy and consultation as well as coaching for CEOs, entrepreneurs and founders.

Zeel Gandhi
Director PR

Zeel Gandhi continues to be a dedicated, committed, and valuable member of the PR team! Zeel is always smiling and comes to meetings prepared — with something to say. His planning and timely execution are exemplary and show his strategic thinking and professionalism. His writing is consistently improving and he continues to deliver on-message LinkedIn and blog content. He also recently participated in AMA’s November Regional Retreat, learning, networking and helping represent our Chapter. He’s rocking it as a volunteer!

Zeel has a corporate communications and PR background. He is currently a Communications Specialist at Definity.

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