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Behind the Scenes:

By<br>Debbie Bolton<br> VP Volunteers

Debbie Bolton
VP Volunteers

Kicking off another season of MNG events

The MNG team kicked off fall with a sold-out networking event for our marketing community. More than 150 people congregated at the Firkin on Harbour on September 20th. Shalini Jerath and Dawn Becker with help from the rest of the Events team pulled together a very fun evening. Marcom team members Sanaz Koosha, Sonika Kamra and Akshay Subramaniam Raju promoted the event details that made this event a big success. And volunteer Duo Ma’s photos helped capture the spirit of the evening.

Attendees made new contacts while playing a networking bingo game. There were loot bags and prizes donated by our sponsors including books from Beloved Brands and a hotel stay from Chelsea Hotels. AMA’s president and host Santo Ligotti had the pleasure of handing the hotel voucher to Rym Troudi and her husband Naim Ben Said.

Photos courtesy of Duo Ma.

Introducing AMA MNG Chats on October 18

Stay tuned for more information on upcoming MNG events, including our new virtual event series, AMA MNG Chats. These informal and informative events are free for AMA members and will provide opportunities to discuss relevant business topics and learn more about AMA and its offerings. Our first session will be October 18 from 12 to 1pm and will be hosted by AMA Toronto President Santo Ligotti and President-Elect Olga Pigeon.

Planning Ahead: Leadership Excellence Team Strategy Session

The Leadership Excellence Team spent a productive day discussing plans for AMA’s Mentor Exchange and Career Accelerator mentoring programs as well as AMA’s Executive Coaching offering. Craig Lund, Lindsay Tohana, Jagriti Malholtra, Maggie Bolt and Nat Korol ,we’re looking forward to learning more about what you have planned.

September Rockstars

AMA is very fortunate to work with an AMAzing group of volunteers. This month we’re celebrating the contributions of 3 outstanding Rockstars: long term volunteers Arash Singh and Sonika Kamra, as well as new volunteer, Glenda Haro. Thank you for all you have accomplished.

Arash Singh
Account Director, International

Arash has earned his rockstar status by once again delivering exceptional support for the CEA Awards, an annual process that has a significant lift at the end of the fiscal year. Arash spent a good part of the last few months gathering and assembling the materials for this annual and onerous process. His dedication and effort as well as his past experience (4 years worth!) were invaluable to getting the submission completed in time. Thank you Arash! Arash is currently head of marketing for Merchant Broker and has more than 16 years international brand and marketing experience and has provided his marketing expertise to numerous start-ups.

Glenda Haro
Director Membership Operations

Glenda Haro has excelled since she took on the Director of Membership Operations role this spring. She has effectively trained her team and crafted an operations manual. Additionally, Glenda developed a rotating operations schedule with her team to ensure prompt action on incoming requests, enabling handling of membership requests every day of the week. She put her recent personal experience of the onboarding process to work to ensure onboarding materials are both efficient and polished. She has offered vital support to her team this month.

Glenda has almost 20 years international experience in product marketing, project management and sales.

Sonika Kamra
VP Marketing Communications

Sonika has been an invaluable contributor to the Marcom team and has increasingly taken on a leadership role and was promoted to AVP in the spring. With her broad range of knowledge, Sonika has been “incredible” in helping new volunteers at both the VP and director level transition. She's also been able to step in when necessary to create emails, design graphics, etc. In the words of her VPs, “She's been amazing and we're incredibly lucky to have her on the team!”

Sonika is a digital marketing professional with more than 13 years experience in strategy and performance marketing. She currently leads growth marketing at Enghouse Interactive.

For more information : 

For more information: Please check our website for ongoing information on our programs and events, And don’t forget to watch for our posts on social and check your email in-box. There’s always something happening at AMA Toronto..

If you’re interested in learning more about our talented volunteer community and opportunities, please contact me at [email protected]

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