Behind the Scenes with AMA Volunteers: April 2023

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Behind the Scenes:
Celebrating AMA Volunteers!

By<br>Debbie Bolton<br> VP Volunteers

Debbie Bolton
VP Volunteers

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

April is Global Volunteer Month and we’re celebrating the contributions of our 90+ volunteers on LinkedIn during Canada’s National Volunteer Week: April 16 to April 22. I hope you see our posts thanking our Board, Advisory Council and 12 volunteer teams. Special thanks to Flavia Barbosa and Linda Antonacci and the Marcom team for planning and bringing this campaign to life.

We couldn’t operate AMA Toronto without our volunteers. It’s their commitment, expertise and creativity that allows AMA Toronto to offer a full range of programs to the local marketing community. Our volunteers are AMAzing and their efforts have been increasingly recognized both locally through our Rockstars program and awarded on the international AMA stage. We have a talented team and should feel proud of all that we accomplish. But we also have fun with great people throughout the year. Special thanks to Flavia Barbosa, Maithili Khansaheb, Jermaine Wellington and Linda Antonacci, Prerana Dandge and Darshanie Mahadeo for planning and bringing this campaign to life

Photo Courtesy : Yakov Radyushin

March Rockstars

Congratulations to our Rockstars! This month we would like to thank two long term volunteers, Flavia Barbosa and Jermaine Wellington who have helped the Volunteer team make our volunteer experience more rewarding. We also recognize the contributions of Maggie Bolt to the Career Accelerator mentoring program.

Flavia Barbosa
Director Volunteer Engagement

Flavia is a very creative and collaborative member of the Volunteer team who approaches her projects with enthusiasm and flare. For the second year in a row, she has been one of the primary catalysts behind our National Volunteer Week campaigns. This year her idea was to run a LinkedIn takeover campaign featuring collages of volunteer photos for each of our 14 volunteer teams. The campaign was engaging, strategic and helped provide industry profile for over 100 AMA Toronto volunteers. Thank you Flavia! Flavia is a Senior Marketing Program Manager for the CIBC team at Bond Brand Loyalty.

Jermaine Wellington
Director Volunteer Onboarding

Jermaine has been an essential member of the Volunteer team for about 5 years. He oversees the onboarding process for new volunteers, ensuring new volunteers get their AMA emails, shared drive access and are added to our volunteer lists. He’s also implemented a recruitment tracking tool for the volunteer team and participates in our recruitment process. He recently helped organize and run our Volunteer Week virtual event for volunteers. Thank you Jermaine! Jermaine is the Digital Marketing Strategist at Social Currency Marketing where he helps his clients set up, optimize and measure their campaigns to achieve their advertising goals.

Maggie Bolt
Program Manager Career Accelerator

Maggie joined the Leadership Excellence team about 1 year ago and has thrived. She has increasingly taken on greater responsibilities with the team. She now fully manages our Career Accelerator mentoring program for early- stage marketers under the age of 35, dealing with mentee applicants, mentors and program operations. Maggie is the Marketing Manager for Forum Ventures, a leading early-stage fund, program and community for B2B Saas start-ups based in New York, San Francisco and Toronto.

For more information

Please check our website for ongoing information on our programs and events. 

And don’t forget to watch for our posts on social and check your email in-box. There’s always something happening at AMA Toronto.

Join our volunteer team

Are you an enthusiastic marketer who’s interested in meeting great people, gaining leadership experience and raising your profile in the marketing community? We’re looking for:

  • Experienced in-person and virtual event directors
  • Experienced web developers and managers
  • Experienced program managers
  • And more…

If you’re interested in learning more about our talented volunteer community and opportunities, please contact me at

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