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Behind the Scenes:

By<br>Debbie Bolton<br> VP Volunteers

Debbie Bolton
VP Volunteers

AMA’s new fiscal year has brought some changes to our leadership team. Thank you to our team-mates who have helped us do great work for the marketing community in the past and a big welcome those who will be taking us forward. 

Mentor Exchange Gears Up For A Legendary Year

For more than 10 years, Mentor Exchange has provided unparalleled opportunity for mid-level marketers to boost their career and develop their leadership potential by working with executive level mentors. Mentor Exchange is the longest running mentoring program for marketing and advertising professionals across North America and has graduated hundreds of mentees. 

This year is extremely special. It’s our 20th anniversary of our Canada’s Marketing Hall of Legends program which recognizes and celebrates the premier Canadian marketers who have helped shape the business landscape in Canada and beyond. This program was the inspiration for our mentoring programs and some of our past legends are preparing to mentor some of our lucky mentees this year! This includes a line-up of some of Canada’s leading marketers. If you haven’t signed up, you could be missing a major career opportunity. 

If you missed our deadline of August 15th, please email our program director Nat Korol at [email protected]

Our Volunteer-Only Backyard Bash

Each year AMA Toronto likes to show our appreciation to our volunteer team by hosting a summer event for volunteers to meet and mingle. This year about 40 of our volunteers congregated in my backyard for free pizza, wine and fun. Our President Santo Ligotti spoke about the chapter, fielded questions and passed out books to 3 lucky volunteers as prizes in our random draw. Special thanks to Taslim Ahmed who could not attend but dropped off the lovely AMA Toronto cake (mmm chocolate), Louise Taylor who helped in a number of ways and Duo Ma our photographer. Thank you to everyone who came out. We love to see you!

August Rockstars

Congratulations to our Rockstars for August. Both our Rockstars are relatively new to AMA Toronto but already your contributions have made a real difference to your team, our chapter and the AMA community. Thank you!

Nat Korol
Program Director, Mentor Exchange

Nat recently joined the Leadership Excellence team to manage the Mentor Exchange program. Nat had previously been involved with AMA in the past as a volunteer on the sponsorship portfolio but left to launch her agency Hyphen. In just a few short weeks the whole team has been impressed by her intuitive ability to know what needs to happen next without being told.

We’re looking forward to working closely with Nat and really elevating the operational excellence for all of the Leadership Excellence programs and customer facing channels. Nat is a co-founder of Hypen Co and a B2B strategist and customer experience enthusiast.

Prem Kailash
Manager, Digital Marketing

Prem joined the Digital team earlier this year and dove in with both feet. Prem has interacted with just about every AMA team to help them with their digital marketing needs. He’s also helped us upgrade our measurement of traffic and engagement across our digital channels by transitioning the website analytics to GA4!

Prem is a Digital Strategist who specializes in helping small businesses maximize their online presence.

Please check our website for ongoing information on our programs and events, And don’t forget to watch for our posts on social and check your email in-box. There’s always something happening at AMA Toronto.

Join our volunteer team

Please check our website for ongoing information on our programs and events. And don’t forget to watch for our posts on social and check your email in-box. There’s always something happening at AMA Toronto.

If you’re interested in learning more about our talented volunteer community and opportunities, please contact me at [email protected]

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