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Behind the Scenes:

By<br>Debbie Bolton<br> VP Volunteers

Debbie Bolton
VP Volunteers

A Legendary Discussion on why “Reputation Matters”

Our Legendary Leadership Series event on November 2 was special in many ways:

  1. We launched our third book in AMA Toronto’s ”Empowering Leadership Potential” series: “Reputation Matters: Why branding and PR is not enough”. Thank you Alan Middleton for sharing your wisdom and research with us in our latest book and moderating the discussion. 
  2. Some great marketing leaders volunteered their time and shared their insights on the importance of reputation.Thank you Ken Wong, Lori Davison, Nancy Marcus and Rem Langan. 
  3. George Brown College generously opened their Dockside campus to us. We’re looking forward to a continuing partnership with the college. 

And of course the event was brought to life by a host of volunteers working behind the scenes. The photos help to tell the story.

Photos courtesy of Duo Ma.

AMA Toronto Hosts its First International Regional Retreat

AMA Toronto was selected as this year’s host for the northeastern chapters of AMA. It was an honour to be chosen but it also demonstrates the hard work that has elevated AMA Toronto within the international network over the last few years. Special thanks to the past presidents and many supportive volunteers who decided to submit entries for chapter excellence awards and the volunteer of the year award. Special shout-outs to: Barbara Boyd, Tina Portillo, Miglena Nikolova, Michelle Flynn, Craig Lund, Arash Singh and many more who did the heavy lifting that have earned us international excellence awards. Craig Lund, now a member of AMA’s international Professional Chapters Council, was instrumental in securing the hosting honour but also organizing the events and working with the international team to develop and deliver content for the sessions. 

⦿ Nov 3: Starting off with a Bang

The Retreat kicked off on Friday Nov 3 with a cocktail reception hosted by Miglena Nikolova and IBM and sponsor Funday. Our PCC hosts: Craig Lund, Karen McFarlane and Richard Conner, along with Julie Schnidman got the weekend started. International delegates mingled with members of AMA’s Toronto community. Past and present AMA Toronto volunteers and some of our sponsors and Advisory Council members got an opportunity to make our international guests feel welcome. 

Photos courtesy of Duo Ma.

⦿ Nov 4: Sharing AMA Learning

The all-day session on Saturday November 4 took a lot of organization: invitations, budgeting, venues, catering, sponsors, powerpoints, activities and much more. Craig Lund, Miglena Nikolova, Puneet Thadani did an amazing job.

Craig, Karen McFarlane and Richard Conner helped host the group of 40 international and Toronto attendees for a full day of content, discussions and networking. AMA CEO Bennie Johnson and VP Alliances, Julie Schnidman, participated in our workshops. 

And the day began early. Barbara Boyd and I were on the road by 7am with supplies to help set up at WPP’s beautiful offices on Queen’s Quay. Thank you to Arthur Fleischmann and Nicole Janesiwskyj from WPP who made it possible to run an AMAzing day. Also a special shout-out to Score Promotions who provided great gift bags for international guests and Mondelez who kept us happy with chocolates. 

Photos courtesy of Zeel Gandhi.

AMAzing Rockstars

AMA is very fortunate to work with AMAzing volunteers. This month we’re celebrating the contributions of 3 outstanding Rockstars: Cassandra Birch, Corinna Esih and Sai Santosh Shetty. Thank you for helping to make our November 2 Legendary Leadership event so successful.  

Cassandra and Corinna have both demonstrated their aptitude for event planning and management since joining the AMA Toronto Events team. They went above and beyond to ensure that our Legendary Leadership Event was a success on Nov 2. We can continue to expect great things from this dynamic duo. 

Cassandra Birch
Manager Events

Cassandra is an Events Coordinator with Toronto Metropolitan University.

Corinna Esih
Director Events

Corinna is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager with Arnold Street Media.

Sai Santosh Shetty
Account Director Marcom

Sai joined AMA Toronto earlier in 2023 and has proven his management skills. He was exceptional in his role overseeing the promotions for the Legendary Leadership Series event on Nov 2. Sai displayed outstanding leadership, effectively coordinating with all stakeholders while ensuring tasks were completed efficiently. He’s diligent, passionate and a true problem solver and has been fantastic in his role and a great addition to the volunteer team! Sai is a Social Media Analyst for Corus Entertainment

For more information : 

Please check our website for ongoing information on our programs and events, And don’t forget to watch for our posts on social and check your email in-box. There’s always something happening at AMA Toronto.

For more information on Volunteering : 

If you’re interested in learning more about our talented volunteer community and opportunities, please contact me at [email protected]

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